In Memory

Glenda Jewell Funk (Oliver)

Glenda passed away June 7, 2011 of ovarian cancer.

On the 7th day of June, 2011 we said a loving goodbye to Glenda Jewell Oliver as she went into the arms of Jesus.  At her request, she was cremated immediately upon her death with her ashes being held by her husband Terry.  There will be no memorial service but instead, a remembrance of Glenda for her family will be held in the mountains of Vail, Colorado where each member will pay their respects in their own way with her ashes being placed at the location for which she loved so dearly.

Glenda left this world with far less than she gave.  She was a special person that gave of herself in so many ways.  Her family and friends were a pride and joy for her as she truly cared for each one in her special way and enjoyed every moment spent with them.  Her volunteer work throughout her life had a special place in her heart, especially her help at the oncology clinic where she was an inspiration to so many that were afflicted with the same horrible disease.

She will be sorely missed by her entire family, her husband Terry, her 3 sons Terry Jr., Todd and Scott, her wonderful 4 daughter-in-laws for whom she really loved and her wonderful grandchildren from whom she would love every moment of being with and could not wait to see.  Her entire family, those mentioned as well as her parents, Glen and Edythe Funk, sisters, Susie and Jane, and brother, Mel, were a source of not only love but pride.

She loved each one of us in her own special way, for she was a special person that will be missed but remembered each day that we wake.  She leaves behind a legacy of love, caring, sharing and giving, and each of us will honor and remember her in our own way as we continue through our lives.  Her spirit has now become a beautiful angel in our God's Heaven,

looking down and watching us with that radiant smile. She took a part of our hearts with her, but she also left a part of herself in our hearts, that we will cherish and love forever.

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