In Memory

Richard Leon Delap

Richard died in 1987 from lung cancer.  While we do not have his obituary, we do have some fascinating information about his life and career.

(1942-1987) US editor, reviewer and writer who entered the sf world as a fan and soon began to publish book reviews, beginning with pieces in the Fanzine Granfalloon and moving on to a column in Amazing Stories during the 1960s. In Delap's Fantasy and Science Fiction Review Magazine he created a valuable review organ, whose folding was regretted. He co-edited with Terry Dowling and Gil Lamont The Essential Ellison: A 35-Year Retrospective (coll 1987). His only novel, Shapes: A Romance of Horror (1987) with Walt Lee, is a horror-sf tale about an extraterrestrial shape-changer who takes on male human form and inflicts himself upon vulnerable women (> Sex). [JC]

Richard Leon Delap

born Wichita, Kansas: 20 July 1942

died Los Angeles, California: 26 October 1987


works as editor


Birth   20 July 1942

Death  26 October 1987

Burial Place    Jamesburg Cemetery, Wichita, Kansas, United States